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Anticipate Trends


"How do we anticipate trends?

Prediction is hard, as the saying goes, especially of the future. Still, when we

look at how to anticipate trends, there are a few things we at Ferro Design Group

consider improving the precision of our ideas and projections.

  • We apply foresight to frame our inquiry and set the scope for what we
    should include or exclude from our analysis. Don’t set the frame too

    tight at the outset, rather narrow it selectively as we learn more and make
    decisions about what is of most importance to us.


  • We apply insights based on what we learn and thereby describe
    emerging patterns and relationships as trends, opportunities for innovation
    or potential disruptions.


  • We create or become part of a community of like-minded souls.
    This allows us to engage in a wider debate and tap into other lines of thought
    or bodies of knowledge. Expanding the dialogue will usually improve the quality of the final product of the exercise.


  • We work efficiently with the community by actively searching out the leaders in the field and the people who either shape opinion or otherwise may influence it.

  • We protect ourselves from errors in judgment by being open and aware of our blind spots and biases and concentrate on the big picture and the parts that affect us most directly in the areas we care about.

  • We organize our information flows by setting up a monitoring mechanism to maintain a connection to important sources of information, think of it as organized “trend spotting”.

  • We leverage our learning by inspiring and engaging the organization to participate as much as possible in the trend spotting, analysis, and sense-making.

Creating a salon/spa that will be successful in every way requires commitment and careful planning. We always try harder to achieve success and ensure we are the first to spot a new lucrative trend."

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