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You Dream It, We Build It

Design-minded and professionally driven, he has devoted his career to bringing out the best in his clients by providing them with a space that they can call home. As each project develops its identity based on locale, client, and end-user needs, Masoud will maintain a cohesive relationship with the architect, engineers, and contractors to ensure that the client’s economic resource requirements are strictly adhered to.
With over two decades of space planning experience, Masoud has emphasized his experience in Salon and Spa design. He has completed various salon and spa projects in Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Texas, and Oklahoma.

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Ferro Design Group is a full-service design firm specializing in Salon and Spa industry, residential, and select boutique commercial projects. 

Masoud Sajjad is at the helm of this full-service design firm where projects involve drafting, space planning, and interior architecture, working with architects, contractors, and business owners with a design consultation.

Creating a salon/spa that will be successful in every way requires commitment and careful planning. Ferro Design Group designs and develops the most exciting yet practical floor plans, providing the salon and spa industry with the highest quality products and services.

We approach our design process by visualizing and analyzing performance, anticipating trends, and incorporating green design principles into your decision-making in a more streamlined and cost-effective way. As the design philosophies of facilities evolve and adapt to ever-changing advances in technology and sustainability, the expectation of the building’s performance levels is increased. We then translate all of these factors and incorporate our client’s dream and vision into a goal; an actual ‘working and relaxing environment’ will be and has been created.



I would like to thank the Ferro Design Group for their wonderful service building out our dream salon and spa. This was our second salon & spa project with Ferro Design Group and from the beginning to the end a 100% positive experience.


If you are thinking of planning a new space or renovating your existing space you should definitely use FERRO DESIGN GROUP! Don’t hesitate to contract with them they will hold your hand from beginning to end with everyone involved to ensure every little detail is done correctly!

I  had a very specific vision of “ European chic" and the designer took it to a whole new level mixing in very modern ceiling lines and curved walls for a more dramatic look. 

Their knowledge about salon efficiency within the workspace is superb. Every inch in our location is well planned out ..down to the broom closets discretely hidden in columns, and use of nooks for automatic hair vacuums per styling station.

We also wanted to serve our guests' lattes, champagne, tea, and wine … so we needed a functional bar equipped with refrigerators, a sink, ice maker, and storage for glasses, dishes, etc., but not visible within the salon. A bar was created so we could serve beverages of choice at the color bar,  styling stations while waiting for their appointment. And, Voila! My operators are now able to prepare drinks in minutes for their guests.

I could go on and on about all the details, but there are too many to list. All the custom stations, cabinets, and equipment are of the highest quality and were delivered and installed on time!

Anyone needing more information please feel free to contact us at        ANNETTE RITZMAN, OWNER

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