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Dream, Excitement, Innovation, Harmony, Design

While the perfect design is a true art form, bringing it to life requires a reliable, proven process. At Ferro Group, it starts with one to one meetings, attention to details of your needs, and dialogue that uncovers your dreams. Then we work to bring them alive. A simple yet complete 5 step solution.


What are the goals of your business? 
What are your furniture and equipment needs? What is your customer profile?
These are just examples of the questions we ask, and we listen—actively and intently.
By understanding your basic needs and desires, we begin the process of building a one-on-one relationship with you, one that we work to sustain throughout the design and building process. It's how we succeed in bringing your dreams to reality.


Preliminary schematics, space plans, color, material samples, and furniture selection all are tools we use to guide you through the design process. By visually creating important design concepts at this stage, we make sure you know what to expect throughout the entire process.


Color, furniture, lighting, flooring, wall coverings, window treatments, accessories, our perfect design brings all of these elements together, with your finalized plan, to illustrate your unique style and business values. With an extensive supply of resources from around the world, our designers select the materials and finishes that best represent you, your employees, and your customers.


Although; the interior was designed for construction efficiency, it's no secret that building projects can be time-consuming and stressful. As your concept comes to life, count on us to assist you in managing contractors, architects, and building officials. On your behalf, we'll work with all parties to ensure that the design will be done with the least amount of time, cost, and hassle.


Our job doesn't end with the successful completion of your dream design. Ongoing product support ensures that every single element of your new interior functions as it was designed. Then, as your business grows, we will be there to help you expand in ways that are consistent with your business philosophy, goals, and image.

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